PSEM eXpress

PSEM eXpress Desktop SEM - Aspex Corporation

Aspex Corporation introduced PSEM eXpress desktop electron microscope in 1992. PSEM eXpress is a unique benchtop SEM with innovative sample loading technique, very easy to operate and with all the features. It has various analytical capabilities like particle size identification and analysis, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy and analytical software, at a very affordable price.

Following are the technical specifications of PSEM eXpress Desktop SEM:
  • Resolution:                                   25nm
  • Accelerating Voltage:                    5,10,15 and 20KV
  • Magnification:                               50000X
  • Digital Zoom:                                Not Available
  • Touch Screen Interface:                Not Available
  • Sample Size:                                150mm (D), 35mm (H)
  • Sample Loading Time:                  3-5 minutes
  • Signal Detectors:                          Quad BSE, SDD EDX
  • Vacuum System:                           High Vacuum and Fixed VP
  • Stage Movement:                          80mm x 100mm
  • EDX Resolution:                           133 eV
  • Lightest Element Detection:            Boron
  • Data Storage:                                Seperate PC and two monitors
  • Specimen Stage Movement:          Motorized
  • Navigation camera:                       Micronavigator facility
  • Peltier Stage:                                 Not Available
  • Image Analysis Software:              Yes